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Over the Horizon...

Freedom is here



Waves are your power. Create your wave and maybe it will become the most popular wave in the world. Remember that a wave is all your power, don’t miss this experience.


Rate other user's waves with Like if you want to encourage them or Dislike if you want to punish them. One like can make a wave as strong as you.


You can post your waves without registration. Stay anonymous and post whatever you want. Perhaps an entire movement will be started by one of your waves.


Completely change the limits of your voice, here your voice has no limits. Your ideas, your links, your photos, your songs are you. Make them your waves and your absolute freedom will be here. "Be free, feel free."

For YOU Kowor for Personal

It's time for real freedom of speech in social networking. In most social networks you need to be famous to be heard. In Kowor you just need to be you. Here you have the opportunity to be really heard, without limits. Simply post your wave and surpass yourself. It's a new digital world that can make you famous in the real one.

For your Dream Kowor for Business

Now your company can truly become global or it can target a specific geographic location. With Kowor your company can its own advertisement waves which will carry it and help it take off. A single like by a user can catapult your company, so take your best content and post it here. With Kowor you can have a reputation and popularity comparable with the biggest agencies in the world, for free. Don't miss the chance to express and advertise yourself the way you want, without limits and with complete freedom.